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SGH offers school cleaning services for public schools, private schools, universities, colleges, technical schools, charter schools, daycare facilities, and preschools.  A clean facility is critical in providing an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and the school’s safety. Learn more about our educational facility cleaning programs and to receive a free quote.



Cleaning Includes:

  • Sanitizing Restrooms and hard surfaces

  • Sweeping Mopping floors

  • Cleaning of teacher lounges/breakrooms

  • High/Low Dusting

  • Trash & Recyclables are taken to the designated collection area. Liners in all receptacles will be kept fresh

  • Carpets are vacuumed wall to wall (including edges and corners) using a hepa filter commercial vacuum

  • Classrooms will be given special attention to ensure all areas are clean and sanitary. Services for desks, whiteboards and other areas are included depending on needs.




OTHER: Deep cleaning during schools breaks, VCT and ceramic tile floor maintenance programs and carpet cleaning can be provided depending on needs



*Emergency Cleaning Available




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