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SGH Commerical Cleaning Services embrace all aspects of office and commercial care. We will provide you with reliable and trained cleaners, who are supervised regularly and monitored. We want to make your office a clean and pleasant one to work in.

Medical Facilities

We service the healthcare community by providing healthcare cleaning services to medical offices, outpatient facilities, dental facilities, laboratories, animal clinics, and other specialized medical facilities. The cleanliness of these facilities is not only critical in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses butinsure the facility is operating at the standards set by the operators and industry.


Office Buildings

Our office cleaning services are tailored for a variety of office buildings.  These include owner occupied buildings, third party managed multi tenant facilities, call centers, and back office for manufacturing facilities. Your customers, tenants and employees appreciate a clean and tidy office.

Cleanliness helps to increase employee productivity and reduce employee absence. Our service will help to insure all areas of your office are properly cleaned to eliminate the burden from your employees and to prevent germs from spreading.



SGH will collaborate with you to create the best cleaning plan for business or facility. Please contact us today!

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