Valet Trash Removal

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SGH Commercial Services offers valet trash programs designed to give your residents the convenience and lifestyle they crave, starting with professional trash pickup directly from the doorstep of each apartment.

Our valet trash programs include:

  • Professional Pickup From Every Doorstep

  • 1 V.I.P. Signature Sack Per Unit (cans, benches, and other containers also available)

  • Custom-Tailored Pickup Schedule (1-5 pickups/week)

  • Recycling Pickup At Every Door (includes free bags!)

  • Proven Resident Education Program

  • Marketing Materials Designed/Printed For You

  • Celebrity-like Customer Service


Benefits To Management

  • Attract quality new prospects

  • Get an advantage over competitors

  • Happier current residents, leading to:

    • Increased resident retention

    • Boosted morale among leasing staff

    • Improved ratings and reviews

    • Warmer sense of community


Benefits To Residents

  • Never take your trash out again

  • Convenient way to start recycling

  • No more trips to a recycling center

  • Feel proud of your community

  • Sense of camaraderie with neighbors

  • Easily care for the environment

  • Cleaner balconies and hallways


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